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This Open Letter to:

NYC DOE Chancellor
      Joel I. Klein
UFT President
      Randi Weingarten
New York City Mayor
      Mike Bloomberg
NYC Councilors
NY State Labor

Reports in the File
Step 1: Principal Harry Van Arsdale High School, Brooklyn
Step 2: Superintendent Brooklyn and Staten Is. High Schools Dist. 76
Step 3: NYC DOE Chancellor: Joel I. Klein
Nothing for granted
Resolve Now
Science of Bias
Grievance: Step 1, 2, 3  Proceedings by:

Step 1. Principal: Bruce M. Billig U.F.T. Rep. School Chapter Leader: John L. Jance

Step 2. Hearing Officer: Judith Curran; BASIS Sup. Reyes Irizarry's Rep: Robert Klein U.F.T. Rep: Charles Friedman

Step 3. NYC DOE Chancellor Joel I. Klein's Rep: Alex Tare; U.F.T. Rep: Linus A. James, Superintendent's Rep: Albert Vazquez
Proceeding by:
Martin F. Scheinman; UFT Rep: Gary Rabinowitz and Sherylyn Bailey; Leslie Morsillo for NYC DOE
Where did this happen?
New York City Public School: Harry Van Arsdale High School Brooklyn, NY

Class: Grade 9 High School Math A
Strength: 34 students in Class #129
Period: After lunch session Math Class
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Black

Want to know more? Reyes Irizarry

"Freedom means liberty and justice for all." When segregation and discrimination continues, 'I have a dream' is nothing more than a dream which has not yet come true even in New York City, the city of liberty in the 21st century! Where is my freedom in New York?


New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, NYC DOE Chancellor Joel I. Klein, UFT President Randi Weingarten

Dear Administrators:

I would like to give the following information directly to you without any barriers between us for a peaceful resolution.

What Happens? The four "buddy-buddy" reports which were created intentionally were given to me in the span of three days time, with no time for any improvement, resulted in the termination of my dream career with the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) in January 2003. It was truly a work of a mastermind which brought grave shame to this great city of liberty. How can I ever teach in the NYC Public School, when NYC DOE keep these inaccurate, inconsistent, incoherent, and biased 'buddy-buddy' reports in their file, and how could a pathetic leadership give positive message or hope to thousands of New York City students? New York City DOE Chancellor Joel I. Klein and the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Randi Weingarten should answer my questions because it had happened under your leadership, and your decisions based on the biased, inaccurate reports which were created on the basis of  unruly fictitious characters (no such students were studying in my class, or refer all the records), and the unjust law are destroying my dream career, and so many other opportunities. Your representatives betrayed and humiliated me in the grievance step 1, step 2, step 3, and the arbitration proceedings.

What is the Motive? When I evaluated the Regents Mathematics A examination in January 2003, the result was so miserable. The pathetic conditions of the school echoes in the words of AP on the evaluation day, "Can't  you get a couple of people up?" Now I know why we were compelled to use erasable red pencil for evaluating Regents examination, when red pen is an option. Desperate and pathetic administrators! Few of them are in the system for long time and know how to abuse the power. Poor students and their parents will never know the truth and paying the ultimate price. In order to cover the problems, to save their jobs and to divert the attention of their supervisors and the parents, sacrifice of a scapegoat may continue as a cover up. This kind of uncivilized tactics do not produce any desirable result or do any good to the students or bring any goodwill to a nation except some personal gains.
Could anyone tell me what did they achieve by this inhuman act which destroyed my dream career, except few of them saved their jobs and on their career ladder with the New York City Department of Education? One became a principal now, in just two years' time with a meager BA degree and with no better knowledge of elementary Math, and that is the only thing happened; this woman was very new in the NYC public school system and had no prior experience when her controversial decisions destroyed my dream career is an undeniable fact. What was she doing when I wrote academic books for Grade Ten, and ITI Science and Applied Mathematics 18 years back, before my grade nine students of Harry Van Arsdale High School Brooklyn were born? It was her cruel winning strategy. Psalm 35: 8. "Castles built on dead bodies will be filled with curse for generations to carry over."
Students are not the winners here, and are still in one of the lowest performing schools in New York City, lower than the performance of many schools in the developing countries! Pathetic and chaos are mild words. Everyone involved in this case should understand that the present educationally bankrupt  public school system is not because of my few months of teaching in Harry Van Arsdale High School or another session of teaching in Carroll Garden School in Brooklyn, New York.

What is going on? My emotional distress continues, two years and counts. Years of hard work have been lost and can never be retrieved. The pain they brought to me and to my family is unfathomable. UFT and the NYC DOE delayed the step1, step 2, step 3 grievances and the arbitration intentionally, but any lesser mortal would have been out by this time, and that is the only mission of these mockery proceedings, and no due course in any standard. These were no less than the humiliating experience of a poor rape victim's trial in a court.  This dispute began two years ago and I am still waiting to hear the final word from the NYC DOE Chancellor. All those who involved in this case should hang their heads in grave shame for ever. This fragile life is too short to live a treacherous life. Just one stroke, one fall or a wrong turn that's all it takes. UFT at 50 and 52 Broadway Manhattan, and 355 Adams St. Brooklyn should understand that cover up is worse than the crime.
New York City  was my employer, and the lawmakers in the New York City Council should change the unjust law that "the supervisory decisions cannot be challenged." Invincible supervisors? Did these "buddy- buddies" solve the problems now, when they made me a scapegoat? Miserably failed to justify their actions without producing any good result in the Regents High School Examination. If the leadership is any good, it will reflect in the results, and there won't be any "buddy buddy" union of treachery. If this is the law, liberty and justice for all is a joke, and  in my case it is a barbarous law, no different than a law of the jungle, or of the "Nazis."
These four 'reports' in the DOE file and the decisions are wrong and biased, and I am the victim. What did I do wrong to lose my career for ever? I certainly do not deserve this kind of "dishonorable departure" due to deception. Unfortunate things and mistakes may happen, but a man with integrity and sincerity will correct them. Correcting a mistake will not question the integrity, sincerity and wisdom, but certainly it will, if not. Justice delayed is justice denied. Don't be a coward, but correct the mistakes. When these wrong and biased reports, and the mockery proceedings destroy my career, its a disgrace to the NYC Department of Education and the UFT. How could you ever forget that New York is the greatest city where we proclaim liberty and justice for all?

What is to be done? A peaceful resolution is what I am asking for. All the four inaccurate, inconsistent, incoherent, and biased reports which are destroying my dream career and so many other opportunities should be sponged (Documentation: Section 4) from the NYC DOE file, and I should be reinstated with the NYC DOE without any more delay. Being a third generation teacher,  I have a better vision and always thrive to be a better educator; teaching is not just a career for me, but a passion  and I will always devote my life for the benefit of the students. Looking forward the bright light at the end of the tunnel.
Patiently waiting to hear a positive reply from the NYC DOE Chancellor.
God Bless America, the land I love.

Leo Tolstoy
(today's victim, tomorrow's victor)E-mail Leo former NYC DOE HS Math teacher


"Buddy-buddy" Reports

4a-c 01/08/03

Bruce M Billig
Observation by Principal
Bruce M. Billig

on Jan.06, 2003
No Pre-observation conference (violates UFT contracts)
Unruly fictitious characters, I'd never been in room 211, wrong biased report.
Report received on:
Jan. 16, 2003

6a-b 01/14/03

Observation by AP
Antoinette Bongiorno

on Jan.07, 2003
No Pre-observation conference (violates UFT contracts)
Back to back observation, fictitious characters, wrong biased report.

Report received on:
Jan. 17, 2003

7a-c 01/08/03

Reyes Irizarry
Observation by
Brooklyn and Staten Is. High Schools - BASIS, School District 76 Superintendent Reyes Irizarry's Rep. Robert Klein

on Jan.14, 2003
No Pre-observation conference (violates UFT contracts). Just a part of the conspiracy.
With a recording device sneak into the classroom without any proper introduction along with the interim AP. When they provoked, a student abused them which I quoted in a rectangular box along with his name below in the last page of my lesson plan which you could read from this link. (It is so pathetic that they wrongly misused this quote). I decided not to permit this student to attend my class unless his parent come to the school and apologize to the AP, and his mother who was a teacher did so the very next day.
Did not use a ruler and hence its unsatisfactory? I had been using 25 Regents Questions (Revision) in a double period session at the end of the first trimester.
Undated Report received on:
Jan. 16, 2003

5a-b 01/11/02 ??? 

Reyes Irizarry

Log of Assistance by
Interim AP Elana Karopkin
with an imaginary date!
Log received on:
Jan. 15, 2003

These above four inaccurate, inconsistent, incoherent, and biased reports/log should be sponged from NYC DOE file.
And I should be reinstated without any more delay.

Department of Education New York City

NYC DOE UFT "... go wherever, or do whatever, a curse follows when the hands are stained with the BLOOD of innocent..."

This fragile life is too short to live a treacherous life. A stroke, a fall or a wrong turn, that is all it takes. "Castles built on dead bodies will be filled with curse for generations to carry over. Whichever way you speak or live for the rest of your life, or how many people praise you for the camera, you currupted your soul; by denying the justice knowingly, you committed the mortal sin."

Details are reserved only for the concerned authorities. Ref: New York City Department of Education Case # OLR 17939 Union Case #UFTK20685
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